Masque Of The Red Death Analysis

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In Masque of the Red Death and Edgar Allan Poe’s life, a disease overruns the lives of many people. In Edgar Allan Poe’s life, a disease takes away the life of all the women he loves, and in his gothic short story a disease takes the life from every man and woman it sets its breath on. Edgar Allan Poe’s life directly affected the way he wrote Masque of the Red Death.

The death of the women in Poe’s life and his health are a huge factor in why Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Masque of the Red Death. “…Before Poe was three years old both of his parents died, and he was raised in the home of John Allan... (Poetry Foundation)” Poe was left to John Allan, “…a prosperous exporter from Richmond, Virginia, who never legally adopted his foster son. (Poetry
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There is plenty of proof to show that Edgar Allan Poe’s most loved women in his life died, all from the same disease, but there is also enough to say that having lost all those women and his brother to tuberculosis may have even caused the ultimate pain in his heart to create a story where everyone dies from an unescapable disease. Edgar Allan Poe may have even wrote Masque of the Red Death to tell others a story that very well described the emotions inside of him. He lost many loved ones, and at the time there was no antibiotic or antivirus that could have kept everyone safe from contracting the disease, so this could be the very reason that he wrote Masque of the Red Death. To tell a wicked short story where no one survives a virus that leaves its victims covered in their own blood, and in horrible …show more content…
From the beginning to the end of Edgar Allan Poe’s life, he is unmistakably surrounded by death and tragedy. In his story his main character Prince Prospero is hiding from death and even waiting for this disease to pass, believing that he stands a chance at survival. Poe had surely hoped for the survival of his family, but knew deep down that they would not. It can be said that this is even portrayed in Poe’s story. Edgar Allan Poe’s tragic life, with the death of his beloved women and blind hope for their survival can be considered a reason behind the creation of Masque of the Red

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