Masculinity And Masculinity : An Individual 's Identity As A Male Or Female?

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In the modern day it is communal to describe an individual’s identity as a male or female. The terms gender and sex are often mistaken and used under the same context as they are usually associated as the same thing even though this is technically incorrect. The term gender is the state of being male or female. It is a social construct and is based upon society’s assumptions on the way a male or female should behave. The term sex on the other hand is based on the combination of biological and physiological factors, this is based on their genetic makeup and whether a person is born with a male or female genitalia.

Whilst looking at the difference between masculinity and femininity in the modern day, people perform this according to the typical western influence or in general the way we have historically adhered to certain values that define masculinity and femininity. Such stereotypical values associated with masculinity are the following: strength, independence, breadwinner and dominance. The stereotypical values associated with femininity are the following: weakness, emotion, nurturer and vulnerability. It is evident by the division of values between masculinity and femininity that the values tied to masculinity can be seen as superior to those associated with femininity. The stereotypical characteristics associated with masculinity suggest they are in a sense superior than women. For example the fact that males are seen as independent and females are seen as vulnerable.…

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