Mary Wollstonecraft 's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman Essay

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Women were never invisible in the Enlightenment, but their participation was constrained by gender (Carr 2014; 73) This essay will be an analysis of chapter 5 Animadversions of Some of the Writers Who Have Rendered Women Objects of Pity, Bordering on Contempt of Mary Wollstonecraft’s A vindication of the Rights of Woman. Chapter 5 is Wollstonecraft’s analysis and arguments against the opinions of Enlightenment philosophers surrounding the female character and education. Chapter 5 will explore the opinions of Jean- Jacques Rousseau, Dr Fordyce, Dr Gregory, and Baroness de Staël.

This paragraph will set out to analyse the arguments made by Jean- Jacques Rousseau alongside Mary Wollstonecraft.
Many opinions of Rousseau in regards to the role of the female character assign it inferior.
Rousseau claims women should willingly wield to their husbands desires and opinions. Even suffering the most severe injustices as it is for her sake she should be of mild disposition (1982; 182).
However, Wollstonecraft thoroughly objects to the blind obedience to which women are subjected to within Rousseau 's writings. 'Who can caress a man, with feminine softness the moment he treats her tyrannically? '(1982; 183). Wollstonecraft argues constant tyranny towards women will cause them to engage in extra-marital relations. Rousseau contends that the education of both men and women should solely focus on their natural abilities. 'For males it is the development of corporeal powers;…

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