Mary Shelley 's Life And Literature Essay examples

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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was a famous English author. Shelley is mostly well known for her works of literature and nothing else one of her more famous books which we have read is Frankenstein. The goal I have for the reader in this long and vast paper is that I hope they will be able to walk away with a lot more information about Mary Shelly and be able to possibly teach others about who Mary Shelly is and what she has done that makes her important to society and literature in general. Mary Shelley has a vast amount of experiences throughout my paper you will learn where she came from, her adulthood, her famous works of literature, and how her past and culture influenced how she wrote her books.
First is the early life of Mary Shelley (up till the age of eighteen). She was born on the 30th of August in the year 1797. She was born in England in the city of London. As a kid all she would do is scribble in books and at some point she started a book. In addition to reading in her father’s massive library she would, “daydream, escaping from her often challenging home life into her imagination” ( Mary did not get to know her mother that well because she died shortly after Mary was born. Her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, is mostly well known for being a feminist. Her father William Godwin was well known for being a political writer during his time. After the death of Mary’s Mother he then had to take care of not only Mary, but her half-sister, Fanny Imlay. Fanny…

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