Essay On Martin Luther's Contribution To The Reformation

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Fifteenth-century Europe was a period of massive religious disputes between churches. As a result, it was later referred to as the Protestant Reformation, which unknowingly at the time, would have lasting effects on the history of Christianity (Mullet, “Luther” 1). During the Reformation, a theologian, Martin Luther considered himself a “liberator” of the people, “freeing Christians from a burdensome Catholic Religious system” (Mullet, “Martin Luther” 1). Luther was a highly educated monk, who later challenged the Roman papacy with his 95 theses, which in return, would then result in his excommunication from the church. His actions and writings were immensely influential at the time, painting him as the face for the reformation.
"Martin Luther was born in 1483" to a father who was a peasant farmer but rose in
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Luther’s life was at risk as the “Churches authorities moved into the offensive against him” (Mullet, “Martin Luther 78). The Roman Catholic Church put Luther on a trail in the Leipzig debates in 1517 (Mullet, “Martin Luther” 3). Luther was condemned for his allegations toward the church the next year. By 1521, Luther was officially excommunicated from the church (Mullet, “Martin Luther” x). Pope Leo X saw Luther as an immense “threat” and placed a bull on him, allowing the burning of his books, and for all his teachings or writings to be banned from reading (Mullet, “Martin Luther” 117-118). However, this did not dissuade Martin on spreading his views of the Gospel. One of his greatest accomplishments was his “translation of the Scriptures into German”. In 1522, he published the new Testament in German, then completed his work by publishing the Old Testament in 1534 (Mullet, “Martin Luther” 221). By now the “printing press had been invented and allowed for mass circulation” of his work to Christians, helping to leave behind his legacy (Mullet, “Luther”

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