Martin Luther And The Protestant Reformation Essay

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Not many are there that speak out for themselves. Not many are the ones who want people to know the truth that will lead them out of the darkness of the abyss. But Martin Luther did. Martin Luther desired for an innovation when he realized the actions of the Roman Catholic Church were misguided. When he discovered that the Church was hiding the truth from its followers, he was angered because of the fact that money was being stolen for the believers. The 95 Theses were written by Martin Luther where he criticized the Church and its doctrine. This kindled a new reformation that opened up people’s knowledge about the Bible. The Protestant Reformation was launched and a new religion grew with the principles that Martin Luther established. New ideas and questions were raised and Luther’s actions made people comprehend the truth about the Catholic Church and they began to speak and think for themselves.

The Protestant Reformation was initiated by Martin Luther and other Protestant Reformers in 1517 in Western Europe, where Catholicism was the essential religion. Various people had tried to reform the Church many times, but were unsuccessful. Tension erupted when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the main Chapel (findingDulcinea). This set fire for a new reason to protest. When Martin Luther came to the realization that the people could not read the Bible, he set off to translate it in the local language. Before Luther translated the Bible, it was only written in Latin,…

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