Martin Luther And The Catholic Church Essay

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Martin Luther was a former Augustinian monk, Catholic Priest and one of the staunch believers in the Roman Catholic Church. He was also known for his key role in the spread of Christianity . Many in fact call him The Great Reformer . Luther who was at one time very illusioned by his belief in the Catholic Martin Luther Church became so disillusioned that he was ready to die rather than stand for the Catholic Church. By looking through Martins life –his childhood, monastic life, and teaching years –this essay will show the process of disillusionment that took place.
Martin’s parents were staunch believers in the Catholic Church . They had begun to teach him about the Catholic faith at a very young age, but what a warped view they had. Later in life, Martin remembers his early childhood and says:
“From early childhood I was accustomed to turn pale and tremble whenever I heard the name of Christ mentioned, for I was taught to look upon him as a stern and wrathful judge. We were taught that we ourselves had to atone for our sins, and since we could not make sufficient amends or do acceptable works, our teachers . . . made us to call upon Mary the mother of Christ and implore her to avert from Christ’s wrath and make him inclined to be merciful to us” .
And so from early childhood Luther was sure that God was angry at him . He lived in constant dread of the Day of Judgment, and was trying to atone for his sins by doing ‘good works’.
Martin Luther began to ask himself…

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