Martin Luther 95 Theses Analysis

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“Martin Luther’s Theses.” Martin’ Luther’s 95 Theses. KDG Wittenberg, 1997. Web 21 September 2016.
This source is a secondary source because the first paragraph is written in third person, which is giving an overview of what the 95 theses is about. The person who wrote that introduction paragraph gave their interpretation of the 95 theses. By giving their interpretation it makes others see it from that perspective or even not judging the theses by the facts that are presented in there. The facts that are written in the theses is for life lessons and what the person who wrote the introduction paragraph trying to say. Once the paragraph is over the 95 theses is listed down below so that people can take another look at it and see the actual meaning
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Martin Luther didn’t like the fact that you could pay to ask for forgiveness for your sins. Shortly after having the theses being nailed on the door Martin Luther got kicked out of the Church because the church began to lose money due to his theses that he wrote. Pope Leo X was upset about the loss of money the church had and the Pope sent a bunch of vehicles to get Luther to take back what he was disagreeing with. Instead of taking back his words Luther said he was just doing what he thought was right and to be truthful and right in front of god. By being kicked out of the Church Martin Luther was known as a heretic and heretics back in the day were often killed. Luther escaped and went into hiding to avoid being killed and while in hiding he translated the Bible into German. Martin Luther found a new religion known as Lutherism. Lutherism slowly become a word in Germany and soon countries around Switzerland reformed their own religion. Other leaders other than Martin Luther slowly started to agree that Catholic Churches became …show more content…
Luther was against all the corrupt practices that people had a habit of repeating and thinking it was all right to be doing. Such as paying for forgiveness of the sins one committed. The 95 Theses is also known as the Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences, which is a list of questions that can be debated. People over reacted by making the nailing of the 95 theses dramatic but it wasn’t nailed to the door to cause drama it was so that people can see the facts that people didn’t see because of the corrupt practices that they were following for years. The document was hung on the door for the facts as well as for people to have a academic discussion on or it or other wise known as learning life lessons from it. Many life lessons could be taught through the 95 theses that people didn’t notice because of the corrupt practices. Later on the 95 theses became the foundation of the Protestant Reformation that was written in a academic tone which was to question rather than accusing people. The purpose of the document wasn’t to make anyone

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