Marshall 's Theory Of Citizenship Essay

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Citizenship Theory
T.H. Marshall’s theory of citizenship is a classic liberal theory which considers citizenship as the legal status providing rights and duties to members of a nation-state. Which analyzed the development of citizenship as a development of civil, then political, then social rights, broadly assigned to the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries respectively. (Foundation n.d.) The scope of a theory of citizenship is potentially limitless. This would include every problem in political philosophy, which involves relations among citizens and the community, or between citizens and the state/government. There are several reasons for this interest in citizenship. It is a natural evolution in political discourse because the concept of citizenship seems to integrate the demands of justice and community membership. Kymlicka says” let’s consider the many ways that public policy relies on responsible personal lifestyle decisions: the state will be unable to provide adequate health care if citizens do not act responsibly with respect to their own health, in terms of maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and limiting their consumption of liquor and tobacco; Why is it so hard for us to maintain a healthy diet? Could this be because here in Northeast area of Washington DC there and more liquor stores and fast food restaurants on every corner than there are medical facilities were citizens are able to travel. The state will be unable to meet the…

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