Mars Rover Essay

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Mars’ Secret
The vermilion terrain that the rover had wandered over in its short life was the planet Mars. MER-D Gypsy, the 2014 NASA Mars Rover, rolled over its cold sands, then turned its spherical, cycloptic head and looked over the trench before it. The camera on its orbicular crown began snapping photos almost immediately. It was beautiful, a rich, orange coloured valley that seemed bottomless.
Markings and natural carvings into the scarlet flesh of the planet showed that water had once flowed as torrents down the valley. The miniature computer inside Gypsy’s box-like torso whirred and processed the information it received from the MER’s camera. The valley seemed strangely old, like an aged apple that’s juicy red skin had withered into a dark leather. Gypsy rolled over the scarlet desert, towards the edge of the trench that fell into emptiness.
Thick, dense clouds of sand whipped up off the ground, smashing into Gypsy’s side. If not for the grooved tyres that wrapped around its wheels, Gypsy would’ve been swept away into the trench. The rover kept its ground, staying strong against the sandstorm that struggled so hard to push Gypsy over. The MER once again
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However, nothing on this planet had appealed to the rover. Gypsy looked over the edge and watched, unable to look away. Suddenly, he felt the ulterior controls take over- the controls that are held by his creators on Earth. Gypsy felt his wheels turn without him willing to, he felt him move away from the ravine that he found himself attached to. The abyss was not scientifically satisfied, and so off Gypsy went, forced to do what he did not want to do, forever. Gypsy’s singular eye watched as the gorge disappeared into the distance. The rover felt sadness- leaving the most beautiful thing, the only beautiful thing he had ever seen. Unable to turn back, the MER sadly continued into the horizon, leaving behind Mars’ secret; it was

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