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CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Marriage is one of the deepest and most complex involvements of human relationships. It is a corner stone of society and a very necessary part of the social system. It is a crucial and sacred bond between two personalities merging into one for ideas, attitudes, habits and likes and dislikes. In Philippines marriage is considered a lifelong partnership. It is the foundation stone on which the family is built. Basically marriage is a

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This is done because attitudes are known to affect behavior and knowing the advantages of marriage it can be useful in hypothesizing the future of marriage. It then sets out to investigate demographic factors that influence these attitudes.

The ancient human society was a nomadic society. There was perhaps only a herd-instinct type marital relationship before the dawn of civilization. With the passage of time, the nomadic human beings evolved into an agricultural society and it was considered necessary to ascertain the paternity of children. So long as the sex relationship remained unregulated, it was maternity alone which could be known. Paternity could not be determined. It is logical to say that at some stage of human development, the necessity arose for demarcating possession and ownership of material belongings as a natural consequence of human behavior and the human male was seized with the idea of knowing his children. This was not possible if sex promiscuity continued to be the rule. If sex relationship could be made an exclusive union of one man and one woman, only then it was possible to determine the paternity of children. Thus, it seems, in man’s quest to know the paternity of children lie the seeds of the institution of marriage. Marriage is uniquely beneficial to society because it is the foundation of the family and the basic building block of society.
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