Marriage Trends Essay

711 Words 3 Pages states: “ In 2009, there were 40.1 newlyweds per thousand unmarried and newly married adults ages 18 and older. In 2010, that declined to 37.4, a 2.7 point drop.” Over the years many people have chosen not to get married, do to their reasons. Many societal trends could weigh heavily on people getting married. Some of the trends however are when you get married, Newlywed Trends and Share Married. When it comes to the topic of marriage, most people will readily agree that marriage is a big step/chose in someone 's life. This agreement usually ends however on the statement: “Time will only tell until my night and shining armor will arrive.” Where as some people are convinced when you are a certain age you are considered a man or woman and should be married and have children. states: “ In the 1960s, most men and women married by their early 20s. In 2011, the median age at first marriage is in the late 20s and is the highest since at least 1890.” As you can see many people in the last 51 years have shifted their thought of marriage to their late twenties instead of their early twenties. In doing so this can help people become more financially stable and grow up a little bit more before getting married and settling down. However with people getting
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When it comes to marriages many people think of it as being trap and in a way you are trap but trapped to the one you love and want to be with forever. To increase the marriage rate people need to start communicating better in the beginning and test things out before getting married and having kids. Also as i said before marriage is about the person chose we live in America we can marry whoever we want now and i am glad we can because now everyone is equal in who they can love and be with

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