Essay on Marriage, That 's So Gay

988 Words Feb 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Emily A. Blanton
Professor Steven Harris
Freshman English Honors
8 February 2015.
Marriage, That’s So Gay
Everyone deserves to be happy. Unfortunately, things such as, worries, religion, war and many other things keep us from achieving true happiness. However, sexual orientation should not be one of them. Josh Pacheco, a 15 year old boy, came out as gay during his sophomore year. Little did his parents know that he would never see his Junior year of high school. Pacheco killed himself just two short months before the end of his sophomore year, the only thing left behind was a note. The note stated that due to excessive bullying he didn’t fit in at school and gave up hope to fit in anywhere. The Huffington Post explains that Pacheco’s death was only one of many that have increased the already 30% suicide rate for all homosexuals between the ages of 12 and 28. Women, African Americans, children: almost everyone has fought for their equality in some way and America is coming to a new acceptance for everyone. Despite these strides forward there is one exception that is holding them back; same-sex marriage. America should legalize gay marriage because it has many benefits that will affect everyone.
One reason homosexuals should be allowed to get married is because it will increase the number of adoptions worldwide. The Huffington Post 's research states that in states that have already legalized gay marriage the adoption rates have, on average, increased over 40%. Dr. Matthew…

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