Marriage Is An Art Of Making Love Essay

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Marriage is an art of making love, Marriage can be used as a foundation of love, which is also one of the strongest relationship a couple can have, Marriage allows the couple to live together in society without being frowned upon. Marriage is the foremost way of expressing ones love to their spouse. A couple, Bride and groom realise their dreams of sharing their joys and worries together. Marriage teaches people to maintain decency in their relationship, but what if one partner looks at the other partner as a doll which has no feeling? However 72% of men don’t realise that after marriage for a women, it is a completely new life of sacrifices and compromises. Some men tend not to think about how many sacrifices a woman has to make just for her to play her role in ‘Society’ e.g. she leaves her family, she leaves her home to live with him and his family, Learn and follow their norms and get used to his family. For guys it’s the same house, same people around, the same old rules. Just for one minute hold all the thoughts and ask yourself why do men want there to live her life just the way her husband wants her to? Why do they want them to change their identity forget about their past completely and be what he wants her to be? Ask yourself If she is the same girl as she used to be before marriage? Is all that right? I believe that you can advise but not order! We are living in 2016 not 13th Centres girls in 2016 know what’s right for them and what’s not.

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