Marketting Plan of Maggi Ketchup Essay examples

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Nestlé Bangladesh Limited is a leading Food company with lots of global strategic brands operating in Bangladesh. MAGGI is one of the strategic brands of Nestlé Bangladesh Limited. Worldwide MAGGI brand is used for Nestlé's Soup, Noodles, Seasonings, Recipe Mixes and Sauces.

In Bangladesh, MAGGI brand has two product categories under this strategic brand name: Noodles and Soups. As part of the brand extension and value creation objective of the company, Nestlé now is going to launch MAGGI Ketchup in Bangladeshi market. Ketchup and Sauce business of Nestle under the brand name MAGGI is very much profitable and successful in other countries specially South Asian regions like in
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Most popular brands of Nestle are Nescafe, Nido, Maggi, Polo, Smarties, Milo, Perrier, Friskies, Kit Kat, and Crunch. Some of their products have broken records: 3,000 cups of Nescafe are consumed every second, and Kit Kat merited an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s best selling chocolate bar, with 418 Kit Kat fingers eaten every second around the world.


Nestlé is an international company with its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. In 1867 Henri Nestlé, a chemist from Frankfurt who had settled in Vevey, became interested in infant feeding. To satisfy a clear need, he developed and produced a milk-based food for babies whose mothers could not nurse them. The new product soon became well- known worldwide under the name of “Farine Lactee Nestlé “(Nestlé Milk Food).

In order to expand into a broader product category and meet more people’s needs, the Nestlé Company’s first diversification occurred in 1905 when it merged with the Anglo- Swiss Condensed Milk Company (est.1866). Today, processing milk food is still the company’s chief activity together with the other products of Nestlé family such as chocolates, instant milk-based drinks, culinary products, frozen foods, ice cream, dairy products and infant foods.

Nestlé is still primarily concerned with the field of nutrition, but it has

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