Marketing Techniques And Penetration Of The Consumer Education

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In the attempt to get the world’s population to eat healthier and harness the benefits of a proper nutrition, emphasis in education is placed on providing the consumer information in order to understand choices. So when a percentage of the world’s population continues to select non-healthy eating choices, the question is whether enough of the right type of education is being offered to the consumer. The question also has to be asked if this education is effective and if marketing techniques and penetration of the consumer education is enough to make a significant impact into healthy eating habits.
Lisa Miller describes in her article "Misunderstanding Of Front-Of-Package Nutrition Information On US Food Products." how the average consumer who tends to be under-informed is misled by many of the new targeting Front-Of-Package nutrition symbols. While this marketing my seem like an educational effort, many times the nutrition labels on the front make a product seem like a healthy choice when in reality its low carbs could help it hide its incredibly high sodium content. In a study, using advanced measurements such as eye tracking, studies have shown that selection of a food product was made base on the Front-of-Package nutrition labels instead of the rear nutrition label. Furthermore, many of the test subjects were ill-informed on what the FOP labels even represented showing as obscure facts as a 5% daily dose of vitamin C. From this study, a conclusion is reached that many…

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