Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola Essay

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According to the text, strategic alliances or partnerships occur when two or more firms agree to share the costs, risks and benefits associated with pursuing new business opportunities (Parnell, 2014). Coca-Cola has a strong bottling partnership network that allows it to produce different beverages and packages that are appropriate for the consumers (Coca-Cola, 2014). They are known for acquiring bottlers in underperforming markets and using their own resources knowledge to improve performance. Since Coca-Cola owns a controlling interest in bottlers across various countries, the company can compensate for limited local resources. The strong bottling network allows the company to design business models for still and sparkling beverages in specific markets and makes the company have a strong supply chain network.

With music being a universal language, Coca Cola has adopted a new global marketing campaign called “Taste the Feeling” featuring artists from both Sweden and Australia (Moye, 2016). Sprite has partnered with legendary hip-hop artists with their “Obey Your Verse” campaign by displaying lyrics on packaging with 16 different designs for a limited time (Costa, 2016). These strategic alliances cater to the younger generation in hopes of inspiring them to purchase more products.

Although Coca-Cola sells a variety of beverages, a lot of their products contain a large amount of sugars and artificial sweeteners. With the high obesity rates in children and adults,…

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