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1. Introduction to the report

This report is to identify how Nyal Dry Cough uses the marketing mix to influence the purchase decisions made by consumers. The marketing mix consists of the 4 Ps, product, place, price and promotion. It analyses the brand positioning, this is described as the place the brand occupies in the mind of a buyer. Also this report compares the consistency of the marketing mix internally with the brand positioning.
This report refers to a single purchase, and my own experiences with Nyal Dry Cough, bought from Coles on Glenhuntly road in Elsternwick on the 8/8/2015.

2.1 The product and the product category

I chose the product Nyal Dry Cough. It is in the product category Medicine, the sub category is Cold
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Figure 2. Coles supermarket

The product was located on the bottom shelf in the middle of all the cough syrups, half way down the isle, under the medicine banner. I believe the product display would influence the customers purchase decisions as they are looking to buy specific product for a certain reason, and this product is easy to find and readily available.

2.2.3 Price

Nyal Dry Cough is priced at $8.50 from Coles in Elsternwick. The cough syrup prices ranged between $6 and $17 for competitive brands, and at the competitors store Woolworths in Caulfield south, the price was consistent at $8.50, this demonstrated that the product is always at the lower end of the price range. I believe the price is influential on the purchase decisions. In my opinion the same type of cough syrup will have the same impact on the symptoms and therefor I will always buy the cheapest one for the type cough I am experiencing.

2.2.4 Promotion

In Coles there were no price discounts or special offers presented for Nyal Dry Cough. This product is consistently advertised on TV as well as bulletin boards and magazines. Due to Nyal being one of the cheaper brands, I think price has a large influence on consumer’s decisions. Even without being discounted it

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