Marketing Plan For Coca Cola Essay

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Companies large and small have to consider their marketing options in order to fully achieve their aims and objectives. One of these options would be marketing planning. What is marketing planning? It is a systematic process concerned with the organized sale of a product. There are different strategies to market a product, marketing strategies differ when taking into consideration the types of business, their profitability and their ability to sell product (marketability). The reason why I have chosen Coca Cola as the company to study is because I am huge consumer of all of their products. Another reason is that I live in Jamaica which is one of the few world wide markets where Pepsi outsells Coca Cola according to data from the statistical institute of Jamaica, this I find to be very interesting and is another reason why I decided to research this topic. Generally the focus of an extended essay is narrow, the focus of my EE is on the North American market specifically. Coca cola is a large multi-national corporation that operates in numerous markets around the world. So to keep my EE narrow and focused I am specifically analyzing data from their North American market. The data used is very specific and detailed to fulfill the requirements of my Extended essay. Based on statistics (From here: ) Coca Cola’s market share in the United States of America has been…

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