Marketing Of The Millennials By Suzy Menks Essay

722 Words Oct 29th, 2015 3 Pages
In “Marketing to the millennials” Suzy Menks addresses the importance for luxury fashion brands to shift their marketing tactics with in the technology, particularly marketing to the millennials. Menks believes that these luxury brands would be unrecognized to the millennials if they do not market them in a way they will attract them. She recommends if these companies want to stay in competition or up float they would have to adjust to a different kind of target that is the millennials. While the increase of technology has been an increasing impact to the recent generation, companies should shift toward marketing in this fashion to stay in competition, Menks target of consumers is misdirected. Menks introduces us to these luxury brands in fashion by new marketing tactics that will improve exposure which will allow these brands to expand and explains how if they don’t shift marketing skills they will be lost to the more recent generations. She continues, that the tactics that they have been pursuing or have been practicing will not be affective to the millennials. Menks is trying to persuade these luxury brands to change or adjust their marketing skills to attract the millennials. She states that although there would be a lower percentage that these would be observed by the Generation X or the Baby Boomers there still will be some who would reach even though it would not be as much as the millennials. She also involves example of how those who have adjusted to that of the…

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