Essay about Marketing, Integration And Operations Management

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To begin with, supply chain management is considered and known as the management of the flow of goods and services. With so many objectives of supply chain management, it includes the movement of raw materials, Work in process inventory, and last but not least finished goods. Throughout this paper, I will focus on Marketing, Integration with Operations Management. Within this industry, I will provide background information research on the industry influences, pricing with respect to operations management, CRM systems, new products, forecasting, technology, and warrantee with reverse logistics. Marketing industry influences have a strong impact on retail, industrial, non-profit, and others. Many marketing services heavily involve the continuous interaction between a service organization and also the customer. According to Daniel Chng, “Marketing scholars agree that managerial decision making in marketing is important because it affects the likelihood of success for any marketing strategy (629, Chng). Retail represents the activities directly related to the sale of goods and services to the customer. There may be retail used for personal, non-business use, and also to help enhance our daily lives. The marketing industry has a great influence on the non-profit organizations. In order to have an impact on non-profit organizations the primary objective of it has to be defined first. Non-profit organizations bring mutually satisfying exchanges with the target markets. For…

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