Marketing Club Of The Kindle Boards Essay examples

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Addicted to eBooks: You need to register with this site first, then you can post to promote your Kindle eBook, but you must do so on the day it goes free.
Author Marketing Club: This site has centralised links to many other sites where you can submit your book, to make life easier for you. In order to submit to the Author Marketing Club itself you first need to register with the site – but once that’s done you just fill out the form, it’s very easy.
Bargain eBook Hunter: Just complete their contact form to let them know about your free promotional day. I gather you will not receive a response – you just need to check their site on the day of your promotion to find out if they’ve given you a mention.
Book Bazaar at Kindle Boards: Joining the Kindle Boards forum is a must for any Kindle author. The Book Bazaar has a number of threads dedicated to particular writing genres. You’re allowed to submit a promotional post to one of these threads (obviously choose the one most relevant to the theme of your book) once a week. Be sure to schedule your submissions so that you can post about your free promotion on the day it starts. You can also post the results of your KDP Select promotion in the Mega Thread in the Writers’ Cafe section of Kindle Boards.
Books on the Knob: Send an email to the site owner asking them to mention your promotion.
Cents-ible eReads: Complete the form on the site at least 30 days in advance of your free promotion. You need at least 5 good reviews from a…

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