Marketing Case Study on Nixon Essay

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PART 1: Introduction


In an age when cell phones and mp3 players display tiny quartz clocks, the mechanical

wristwatch has slowly become less of an object of function and more a piece of modern culture, for

both men and women. However, this was not always the case. Less than 100 years ago, no self-

respecting gentleman would be caught dead wearing a wristwatch. In those days of yore, real men

carried pocket watches, with a gold half-hunter being the preferred status symbol of the time—no pun

intended. It wasn't until the late 1800's when soldiers discovered their usefulness during wartime

situations. Pocket watches were clumsy to carry and thus difficult to operate while in combat.

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Therefor, the watch market has seen a decline in sales because customers are not viewing them as a necessity in their current budgets. This is viewed as a threat because many people are not purchasing accessories such as watches because they are not necessary for day-to-day life.

2. Internal Environment

The internal environment is the environment within the organization that has a direct impact on

the business. That includes its resources, personnel, physical facilities, capital and organization and

functional means, like marketing, which can be modified as necessary to suit the environment. Each of

these factors aid in the decision and strategy making process of a large business. Additionally, they

have a strong influence on how well the brand is received by consumers and how well it will do overall

each year. As the Nixon brand was purchased by Billabong in 2006(REFERENCE) a close look at

Billabongs’s annual documents provide a superlative opportunity to look at the nexus of the company’s

strategy, its operating environment and its success. As the Nixon brand still successfully differentiates

itself, vision and product wise, since the acquisition, the brand itself still remains the primary focus of

this research while the review of the financial stability is developed through looking into Billabong's

numbers and strategies.

Nixon watches have made an

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