Persuasive Essay On War On Drugs

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The terms “War on drugs” was coined by U.S President Richard Nixon on June 18, 1971 to refer to the campaign for the prohibition of drugs, military intervention and military aid all aimed at not only defining but also reducing the trade of illegal drugs. The initiative has for decades included setting drug policies intended to discourage the production, he distribution as well as the consumption of drugs of what the United Nations and participating government’s term as psychoactive drugs. The United States is estimated to spend up to $51 billion on the war against drugs every year. The illegal drug trade is a back market that is dedicated to the manufacture the cultivation, distribution and the sale of drugs subject to prohibition laws. Despite …show more content…
By making drugs illegal, governments put control of drugs in the hands of the drug dealer. In a bid to control the ins and outs and the use of drugs within its borders, governments should perhaps consider legalizing some drugs for example marijuana. ((Inciardi 1999). By doing so, they can regulate consumption of said drugs and also tax them. Most harm is not caused by the drug but by the way people use them. By leaving control of the drugs to the drug dealer, governments are leaving drug users in the hands of criminals. Drug dealers will take advantage of the insatiable demand which will end up harming drug users and law enforcement will be helpless. (Stevenson et al. 2004). The war on drugs can only be won if governments have control of drugs. This is because they cannot control demand and have, since the beginning of the longest and the deadliest war in the history of the U.S, been unable to control or stop supply. To win the war against drugs therefore, or at least have a fighting chance, governments and the United Nations should re-think their whole strategy and try fight drugs from a different perspective. (Carrier et al.

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