Argumentative Essay On The War On Drugs

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The War on Drugs has been a catastrophic failure. It has failed to decrease crime, the use of drugs, and has cause innocent people to get hurt in the process by getting rid of basic human rights. You would think a four decade war would produce some positive results right? No, it has just cause harm and the rise of some of the world 's most dangerous criminals. It has also given police the right to act as criminals with immunity of almost all actions. It has desensitized us to the pain of others and even paved way to a new set of Jim Crow laws. But maybe, all this wrong is actually a sign of good happening. Over the next few pages I tell you about the the terrible things that have happen thanks to this war, and even explain how these atrocities could be a good thing.
This War on Drugs has not only failed to stop the now criminal act selling and buying of drugs, but has also failed to make it difficult for people to
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But we are now in a society that generally looks down on that, and the only way man can still be hatfull is through passing laws under false pretences and dressing up in a costume, or uniform. Now like I have been talking about, this is still not okay. But when filled with hatred for our society, maybe think of it not just as the mistreatment of minorities, but the fading hatred of humanity, slowly dying. This does not mean we can give up on fighting injustice, or even let up a little. For if we stop caring even a bit we will slip back down the slope. But when fighting for equality, and it seems like the world will never change, remember to look at the last hundred years and how much has changed. Because I almost gave up hope of us ever becoming a happy interracial society who treats men and women of all colors equally, but when I see how far we’ve come, I am proud that I am apart of the generation that can possibly finish the job and put an end to

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