Marketing Analysis : Strategic Management Essay

2188 Words Oct 21st, 2016 9 Pages
The average American sees or hears 3,500 or more advertising and marketing messages a day. That being said, businesses interact with customers every single day without customers even realizing it. While marketing companies look to get the customers ' attention, customers fail to realize that almost every time you do something there are ads. Today, we will go through, how the marketing industry is created and maintained, then we will talk about where marketing is operated and some of their tactics. We also will cover, how the industry of marketing from businesses to customers is help handle decision making, and also their competition, how they organize and how they deal with and handle change. Although marketing plays a big role in growing the business, the business to the customer is the most important aspect of marketing. To begin with, the industry of marketing from business to customer has an organizational culture. In an article called Strategic Management in the Changing of Organizational Culture, published in 2013 by Alin NIOAŢĂ talks about how the marketing industry has to be flexible in thinking about new ideas and having to be more innovative than their competitors. For example, when you are trying to market anything you are trying to get customers to buy the product by how you advertise a product. If a marketing industry comes up with a new way to market any certain product they could make the customers’ impression about the product more knowledgeable and…

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