Marketing Analysis: Renters Guard

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My storyboard was presented to ten people who have all lived in an apartment at one point in their lives. I received very little negative feedback and have been given new ideas on how to improve the design. Current products on the market that can unlock doors from a consumer smart phone require structural modification to the door or surrounding areas. Some other products require specific kinds of deadbolts. If a tenant does not have the specific kind of deadbolt or does not have a deadbolt at all, the tenant will have trouble taking advantage of new remote access door-locking technology. Renters Guard will be designed to work on all doors and door locks. Furthermore, Renters Guard has an additional feature that allows the user
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The recent increase in burglary has increased the demand for home security products. The following are the major categories of security sensors: door and window sensors: glass break sensors, motion sensors, and boundary protection sensors. As explained by Wood (2016), the home security industry has grown by 3 to 5 percent annually.
Pew Research Center, as stated by Smith (2015), shows that 61 percent of adults currently own smart phones. In 2013, as explained by Arthur (2013), 50 billion apps have been downloaded on Apple smart phones and 48 billion apps have been downloaded from the Google Play
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First Person Analysis: Creating a prototype will make it easy to explain and sell the design to potential stakeholders.
4. Increased Buy-In: Potential investors are more likely to take this design more seriously after seeing a prototype.
5. Cut Production Cost: Building a prototype can reduce unforeseen cost later if the product was to be manufactured.
Future Designs Renters Guard provides security and convenience for consumers by connecting their smart phones to products in their home. Once the product and application is designed from the storyboard above; additional products and application features can be created to provide additional security and convenience for consumers.
1. Carbon Monoxide Alert: A carbon monoxide device that can connect to the Renters Guard app which will alert residents if carbon monoxide is detected in the home.
2. Fire Alarm: Similar to the carbon monoxide alert, this fire alarm detector would be combined with the device for alerting users of carbon monoxide via the Renters Guard app.
3. Window Security: These devices can be attached to the side of each window and if a window is tampered with, an alert will go to the user’s smart

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