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Mark Cuban is probably the most recognizable owner in the NBA and maybe all of professional sports. With his cheery, enthusiastic attitude, he is just one of the fans.
Cuban is an enthusiastic NBA owner who, instead of being a faceless front-office type, is his team's biggest and most vocal fan. When Mark Cuban purchased the Dallas Mavericks on January 14, 2000, the face of the organization began to change immediately. Once again Mavericks games had a party atmosphere as Reunion Arena rocked with the return of the "Reunion Rowdies." Mavericks games became more than just ordinary NBA games - they were a total entertainment experience. Cuban was not only successful at instilling a sense of pride and passion into Mavericks fans by
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Cuban's employees worked for 10 bucks an hour but with stock options as incentive, they were coming up with fresh ideas — like streaming President Clinton's Grand Jury testimony and a Victoria's Secret fashion show. Realizing the gamble potential of this new venture, Cuban got the group together and spoke frankly. "I said, ‘Look folks, I think we've got something here. And one of two things are going to happen,'" he recalls. "In five years from now, we're either all going to be millionaires… or we'll be out of business and we'll all just be friends." But the gamble paid off spectacularly, first when went public, and then, when Yahoo purchased the company. In the end, 300 employees became millionaires and Cuban himself was left with approximately $2 billion. With his new wealth, Cuban went on a shopping spree most of us could only dream of. His first purchase was a 24,000-square-foot Dallas mansion. He still lives like he's in college, spending more of the time in his study, perched over one of the five computers that are constantly in use. Although there are dozens of other rooms, he uses only a few of them and keeps the rest almost unfurnished. Standing in the middle of his nearly empty living room, Cuban says there's a perfectly valid reason for that. "This is home plate," he says. "This is where we played whiffle ball New Year's Eve." This past Christmas, Cuban went on the Internet to make his second large purchase — a

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