Marjane Satrapi 's `` Persepolis `` Essay example

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Throughout life, there are constant decisions that have to be made, and with each decision one always sacrifices something, whether it is smaller or larger. The sacrifice is always made in order to have a better result in the end, but one may not we always content with the component that is removed from their current standing. In Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, Marjane sacrifices her sensation of identity in order to fit the standards and avoid trouble with new Islamic government regime that is placed in Iraq when she stays and eventually gives up her home and family in order to move on to a place with more opportunity for her.
In the beginning of the novel, which takes setting during the Iraq Revolution, Marjane explains her current whereabouts about her situation, in which she must wear a veil to school because the Islamic government emplaces a new dressing code for all women to follow the religion. Marjane however explains that she is muddled about her feelings towards the veil because inside, she is very religious ,but the veil constricts who she really is. For example, as she elaborates on these thoughts, the narrator depicts Marjane as her normal self, with the background of math and science tools and she is able to express herself in these ways. However, the other half of the image is of herself covered in the veil, and the background is just a design, with a lack of inspiration behind it like the other image. Additionally, to masking her identity for her desire to…

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