Marjane Satrapi 's ' Persepolis The Narrator ' Essay

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Every so often in a person’s life he or she question the society in which they live. In the graphic novel Persepolis the narrator, writer, and main character, Marjane Satrapi, grows up in a very volatile Iran where many societal problems arise. At a young age and throughout her early life Marji finds herself questioning why social classes were as definitive as they were, why her parents were not as patriotic as she, and why many of the people she knows and loves were going to prison for their beliefs. Marji showed her disdain for her society by being a rebel. Marji is a rebel in school, as a teenager. Her rebellion evolves throughout the book.
Marji’s unhappiness with the society she is a part of is portrayed by her becoming a rebel in school. Her rebellious actions start at a young age by questioning the contradiction of what the teachers were telling them. After the cultural revolution in Iran when the Islamic leaders take power, they order all images of the former Shah to be removed. Marji’s question of why the teacher is having the students rip out the pictures of the Shah shows her becoming more mature and portrays her understanding of the hypocritical teachings of her school. Marji says “But she was the one who told us that the Shah was chosen by god” (Satrapi 44). This realization of hypocrisy along with her confused facial expression depicted in the panel shows that she recognizes the problems with her education even at such a young age. Later in her life she finds…

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