Marijuana As A Source Of Extreme Controversy Essay

1391 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Over the past several years, marijuana use has become a source of extreme controversy. Many believe that marijuana helps alleviate painful side effects related to many diseases. Furthermore, marijuana legalization, according to many individuals, would better our economy by avoiding black markets; thus decreasing personal profit for dealers and putting the money into the country. On the other hand, many believe that marijuana serves as a gateway drug to more serious and deadly drugs such as heroin or cocaine, as well as its effects on the brain both short and long term. In order to attempt to fully break down this issue, one must first understand the history of cannabis, its different forms, and the many different uses for the drug. Another thing that will be discussed in this essay, are the web sources presenting the arguments, their intentions, and comparing them to peer reviewed journals that present a less bias approach in their writing. Cannabis was found in China to be used as food as early as 6000 B.C. In 2727 B.C. the Chinese started using cannabis to resolve many of the health issues that presented themselves during that time. In 1545, cannabis use had presented itself in the western part of the world. Cannabis mainly grows in tropical areas, although with the right temperature control, cannabis can be grown pretty much anywhere. The cannabis plants may be either female or male. The male plant is tall and slender, containing pods that have pollen-generating…

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