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Marco Polo Marco Polo was a journalist and an explorer. Throughout his life, he went on many journeys. A very important journey that he went on was to China. Marco Polo also had a book written about him. This book was written when he met a prisoner named Rustichello who was also a writer while they were prisoners of war. The book spread through different countries quickly and made Marco Polo famous. More people could now read about his many journeys and experiences. If that book had not been written then, today our world would be very different. People like Christopher Columbus would not be inspired and we may not be as interested in learning about other cultures.
Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy in the year 1254. The date of
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He departed when he was 17 years old in the year 1271 with his father and uncle. He started his journey going east from Venice. Marco Polo had to cross over the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Once he persevered through them, he had to pass through the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. He finally made it to Baghdad. From there, he went to the mouth of the Persian Gulf, and he crossed the Iran Plateau and Pamirs. He made it to Xinjiang after 3 years. In 1275, the ruler of China today, Kublai Khan, brought Marco Polo and those who traveled with him to Dadu (also known as current Beijing). Khan brought Marco Polo to Dadu to go to his court. Khan had him go on a mission which Marco successfully completed, therefore, Khan decided to hire him. Polo stayed in China for 17 years before returning to Venice. Since he was working for Khan, Polo ruled one of his cities. After Polo went to Khan’s daughter’s wedding in Persia, he, his dad, and his uncle returned to Venice. When they got home, they found out Venice and Genoa were at war. Polo was soon captured and eventually became a prisoner of …show more content…
He was captured and became a prisoner of war. While in prison, he met a writer by the name of Rustichello whom he shared the stories of his journeys with. As he told him these stories, the writer wrote them down. When the war was over, Polo and Rustichello both were released from prison. This writer wrote a book about Marco and his adventures. This book made Polo very famous for his many accomplishments. Many people later followed in his footsteps by going through his journey to China. Marco Polo’s life was very important because he intrigued people like Christopher Columbus with his adventures. If Columbus did not feel intrigued by another explorer, maybe he would not have come to America. His journeys made people interested in learning about other cultures. People read the book about Polo, and they realized that learning about other cultures was interesting. If there was no book about Polo to read, we might have taken a longer time to learn about other cultures. In conclusion, Marco Polo was a great explorer who made a huge impact on our world

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