Essay about Marching to a different drummer

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Slimline: Marching to a Different Drummer
April 21st, 2014

Case Summary: “Globalization means different things to different people,” so therefore individuals have their own standpoints regarding various things. In this case, an issue that has arisen is the allegation of mistreatment of employees in developing countries. Slimline is an apparel manufacturer in Sri Lanka, which does business disparately. The company employs 5000+ employees, whom help produced $50 million worth of apparel annually. In this company, the entry level wages are set higher than the local markets and to mention that some of their employees have undergraduate and graduate degrees. Slimline does not have the typical
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1. As being part of a joint venture for Slimeline, the three companies have gained some benefits. The Sri Lankan firm (Mas Holdings Ltd.) has become Sri Lanka’s largest apparel manufacturer and largest employers. Also, they were able to appoint the person in charge of Slimline, Dian Gomes. On the other hand, the British firm (Courtaulds Textiles PLC) has been able to retain its stake with Slimline and has been able to cooperate with the two other ventures that has connections and are skilled. Courtaulds has an experienced team that was able to give input within the organization. They all have a strong mindset in regards to what they want to do for Slimeline. Finally, the United States firm (Mast Industries) has been successful and has had annual sales of $1.5 billion. It also operates 36 other Sri Lankan factories, which is beneficial for Slimline because if they need other goods or something else they will have the connection. Mast’s list of clientele is very well rounded and those companies are very well recognized. Amongst the three, they are able to keep Slimeline running and a successful company and as stated in the case, they have been recognized for their innovative approaches and have won many awards and has become a certified as a “Garments without Guilt” participant because its human resources practices were in compliance with the International Labor Organization. The three all have benefits and they are

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