Theme In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

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Toni Morrison 's Song of Solomon introduces many themes of membership, race, wealth, and love. These concepts shape the understanding of the novel by creating a framework. Memberships play a major role characterizing characters choices’, and decisions throughout the novel. Membership is presented as a false wealth and is a catalyst for inner conflict. If the reader misses to analyze the concept of membership, they won’t fully grasp Morrisons main intentions in the Song of Solomon. Morrison wants the readers to know not to drown themselves with elements that are considered a necessity.

We see Guitars physical membership with the Seven Days. Guitar was characterized as a person with “golden eyes”. Morrison includes the golden eyes to show
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Morrison presents us the story of Macon Dead II encountering the sack of gold. Macons reaction to the gold was, “Life, safety, and luxury fanned out before him like the tail spread of a peacock, and as he stood there trying to distinguish each delicious color” (Morrison 170). Milkman also encountered the peacock when Guitar and him attempted to steal the gold. Milkman said, “But the bird had set them up”(Morrison 179). The Peacock is a bird that is beautiful however it can’t fly. Majority of this book discusses the idea of landlocked and flight. The peacock is a beautiful bird, however it won’t help you escape. Morrison presents us the idea of false wealth. Macon Dead and Milkman both had the same desire of money at the early ages of their life. Macon Dead and Milkman were both landlocked and their idea of flight was money. Macon Dead lost his father and mother, Milkman lost his parent also but in a mental way. He began to lose connections with them. The name Macon Dead represents the continuous cycle of struggling to find lost identity. Guitar is also a character who has a tragic …show more content…
Baines is the slave masters last name which was given to him. Guitar talks about he wants to keep the name because it is part of his identity. Unlike Pilate, Guitar lets his name define him. Pilate rejects her name because she is embarrassed by the connotation of her name. Guitar got his first name when he was crying for a guitar he wanted. Morrison included this to show the difference of characters between Pilate and Guitar. The death of Pilates mother and father weighted her down. The death of Guitars father and his mother leaving him filled him up with grief. Morrison chooses to show that even though both characters witnessed a tragic past it alters their perspective on society. Pilate learned from her past and didn’t want to get lost in it. Compared to Pilate, Guitar was lost in the past, which caused his hatred towards the white people in

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