Manitoba Pork Case Study

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In order to truly consider the expansion of Manitoba Pork to the country of Mexico, it is important to understand the company as a whole and the country in which the expansion will take place. Factors that have an impact on the final decision such as the company’s history, competition, annual revenues and the products/ pork parts exported will be revised in details. The countries cultural, political and economical information will also be reviewed.

Industry Profile
Pork producers play a fundamental part in the province of Manitoba, and alongside a linked “system of farms, feed mills, environmental and genetics support services, equipment suppliers, and meat processors, they contribute
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12 (Palfrey, D)
➢ The Day of the Dead, which is celebrated over two days (Nov. 1 and 2) combines Catholic and indigenous rituals to honor the deceased (Palfrey,
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Although many controversies and political issues such as the drug war exist in Mexico, none would affect the expansion of Manitoba Pork Company directly. With trade barriers such “ distance, currency, trade sanctions and language” (Trade Barrier) Mexico hopes in the near future to open up more free relations with more countries in the world. The Mexican economy and its currency have only become more stable over the past years. With both players (the company and the country) in good shape it is the perfect time to expand into Mexico. Although the demand for pork in Mexico is not high, Manitoba Pork wouldn’t have a problem finding specific stores to sell their pork parts, as the product can be easily included in the Mexican cuisine and culture (look at image number 5 and 6). The expansion may not only be very profitable for (the company) Manitoba Pork Company but it could come to benefit the Mexican’s as well, by providing jobs and lowering the unemployment rate. With attention given to right details both players can get make a lot from the expansion, new international relations, more consumers, and connections into other markets in the

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