Essay about Manifest Destiny Of The United States

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Manifest Destiny served as a dream, political smokescreen, goal, an ideal, a blessing to some and a curse to others. Manifest Destiny was an American ideal that has its birth deep in American history yet continues drive American culture, politics and exploration to this day. In this paper we will identify the origins of Manifest Destiny and how it has impacted American culture over the decades.
Manifest Destiny in the United States is commonly a spoken slogan used to describe the territorial expansion of the nineteenth century and the expressions that go along with it. Nevertheless the concept Manifest Destiny (expansion) is not an American original, it is seen in other cultures as well, and is much older than America itself, we see the basic principles of manifest destiny in every large nation, empire, or kingdom, each expanding their boundaries as they see fit. The American view of Manifest Destiny was “that Americans are destined by divine providence to expand their national domain.”
We see the first phrasing of Manifest Destiny in 1845 by New York magazine editor John O’Sullivan who mentions it in an essay written about American occupation and cultivation of the West , however one can trace the concept back to colonial times and being expressed by Benjamin Franklin, and becoming more of a political topic after the war of 1812. Nevertheless the idea was not a national ideal and numerous Americans did not take kindly to the nation expanding its borders fearing that…

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