Manhunt Essay

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The biggest story of 2013 in the Los Angeles area is the manhunt of Christopher Dorner, an ex-Navy Seal and former LAPD officer. Christopher Dorner had been fired from the LAPD nearly four years ago after reporting unnecessary conduct by another officer and in those four years he was planning something no one saw coming. Dorner posted a manifesto on his social network page and on February 3, 2013 it all began! His first 2 victims had been shot and killed and there were more deaths to follow. Dorner was after any and all law enforcement and anyone involved with them and LAPD had no idea what else was in store. The manhunt lasted for a little over a week and authorities had no idea where he was or what his next move could have been. Somehow, …show more content…
Sympathy was given to the families of the officers, but none to the family of the suspect. He died as well; he is a person just as they are. It has been said that American reports are more subjective than other countries. Just like most media outlets, the news can be pretty stereotypical. Most of the things we read and watch on television have some stereotypical undertones. Social groups could mean a lot of things, two friends can be a social group, or a community, or an entire race. When it comes to news reports, we see social groups spilt as minority or majority, political parties, and communities. During the manhunt for Christopher Dorner so many bald, black men were stopped by police or anyone driving a pick-up truck was pulled over. One thing everyone probably noticed about the reports of the Dorner manhunt and investigation was that it seemed as if there were only 2 social groups; all law enforcement and everyone else. All of this began because an ex-officer wanted change within the LAPD, but the news did not report that side. Law enforcement was glorified and the news even televised funerals of officers whose funerals would not have been televised had they died a different way. Dorner’s actions are not dismissible, neither are the actions of the police, yet the new reports chose sides instead of reporting facts and facts only. The media is a large and expanding industry which influences people all across the world. It has a vast coverage and has and

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