Mandatory Vaccination Requirements For School Children Essay

1004 Words Nov 7th, 2015 null Page
“All 50 states require vaccinations for children entering public schools even though no mandatory federal vaccination laws exist” (CDC). This is a reality for the federal government but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “State laws establish vaccination requirements for school children” (CDC). These vaccine requirements to enter public, private, or daycare facilities are still in place today. The mandatory vaccinations began to become a reality when “In 1855 Massachusetts passed the first US state law mandating vaccinations for schoolchildren, followed by New York (1862), Connecticut (1872), Indiana (1881), and Arkansas (1882)” (PublicHealth). This continued to manifest in each state. Now each state in the United States has these requirements for school children, not only public schools but also for those attending private schools and daycare facilities. Although all 50 states are requiring this they also “... provide medical exemptions, and [49] state[s] laws also offer exemptions for religious and/or philosophical reasons” (CDC). These vaccinations and immunizations become controversial when the “State establish[ed] mechanisms for enforcement of school vaccination requirements and exemptions” (CDC). These requirements introduce a problem because people do not like the idea of being forced to have their children injected with vaccines. These vaccinations can intimidate and scare people because of the death and disease cases that are results of…

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