Manage Your Boss Research Paper

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The word managing is defined as, “To bring about or succeed in accomplishing, sometimes despite difficulty and hardship” ( Some people may ask the question, “Is it really possible to manage your boss?” or, “Is it necessary to manage your boss if it is possible?” The answer to the first question is yes it is possible to manage your boss, and the answer to the latter is the same. Managing and understanding a boss stands is a crucial factor in developing personal management skills, assisting in the manager’s effectiveness, and ultimately aiding in the success of a company. Not only is it important to manage a boss, but also it is important to find successful strategies in accomplishing this goal. In this paper, we will look at the article, “Managing Your Boss”, and the sections within the article such as misreading the boss-subordinate relationship, understanding the boss, understanding yourself, and developing and managing the relationship. Before we go into the sections of the article it is important to talk about the great example the article uses on how not being able to manage your boss can lead to …show more content…
“To fail to make that relationship one of mutual respect and understanding is to miss a major factor in being effective” (“Manage Your Boss | 8 Ways to Manage Up”, n.d.). Learning about a boss’s personal life and building a positive relationship can also help in understanding him. “Your ability to influence your boss will depend on how well you’ve understood the four factors discussed earlier: goals, pressure, strength and weaknesses, and preferred style” (“Manage Your Boss | 8 Ways to Manage Up”, n.d). I believe these are four valuable factors in managing your boss, and the more effective they are communicated, the more effective the managing of your boss will

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