Managing The Organisational Design And Change Essay

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In Managing the Organisational Design and Change ,until now we learned about organisations, what they are ,what they do, and the way that they are led, managed or how they are structured. We also learned of how organisations can apply various techniques and frameworks to manage their performances by managing their change processes. It also includes various theories that underpin the practical aspects of MODC.

The topics we covered are of huge importance in any business environment. We learned about Organisations and their contexts in detail, decision making, their external analysis elements(PESTEL and Porters Five forces) and their internal analysis frameworks like Mckinseys (structure that made them effective) and also BCG Matrix for product and service Portfolios. We further explored Value chain analysis, competitive advantage, stakeholder analysis, SWOT analysis and EVR congruence (all of these will be explained in my answers below):

Before answering our topics, we should know the fact that when considering different levels of strategy, the operational level of an organisation is the one where decisions and activities are carried out and which determines the success of the organisation 's strategy. Also, the organisations strategy is based on in what managers intend to be the direction in which the organisation should proceed although subsequent actions at the operational level can cause the strategy to be changed. (Buchanan, 2013)Now,…

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