Managing A Data Warehouse Management Essay

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Foshay et al. study offer various helpful bits of knowledge to those interested in managing a data warehouse. Foshay et al., portray key ramifications from the study that may be specifically compelling. The end user metadata classifications proposed by the study are a decent beginning stage for experts. In light of study reactions, the fundamental classifications of metadata suggested in this study appear to sound good to the lion 's share of data warehouse end users. The classes (Definitional, Data Quality, Navigational, and Lineage) offer a valuable system for data warehouse professionals in creating and imparting their metadata methodology to different partners and for organizing metadata development ventures. All the more permanently, the classes gave offer intent to characterize particular end user metadata requirements.
End users and practitioners concur that metadata is critical and valuable. However, the consequences of the Foshay et al. study point to the way that users and managers of data warehouses are in understanding in regards to the handiness of end user metadata. They additionally concur that each of the four sorts of metadata are valuable to end users. In any case, specialists and clients disagree on what
The most valuable class is. Given fulfillment scores figured from the study reactions, it appears that end users are not thrilled by the metadata made available to them (Foshay et al., 2007). Our discoveries additionally indicate the sorts of metadata…

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