Essay on Managerial Analysis Of Fedex, The History Of Fedex

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Managerial Analysis of FedEx
The History of FedEx The history of FedEx (2015) is a compelling story about the entrepreneurial spirit of one man and the incredible development of business in the United States. The founder of FedEx, Fredrick W. Smith, while attending Yale University, wrote a term paper on the necessity of an air cargo system that didn’t rely on air passenger carriers to move cargo and time critical packages. After graduating from college and a short stint in the military, Fred Smith bough the controlling interest in Arkansas Aviation Sales, a small company located in Little Rock Arkansas, in 1971. FedEx officially began operations on April 17th, 1973, with 389 team members and 14 aircraft, delivering 389 packages to 25 cities on the eastern seaboard. The growth of the company continued through the 1970s. The Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 saw tremendous growth in the aviation market in general, as the federal government relinquished economic regulatory control of the industry to the demands of a market driven economy (Smith & Cox, 2015). This spurred large and continued growth for FedEx. The company was able to buy larger aircraft and access more markets based on the demands of the market (FedEx, 2015). The acquisition of two air cargo carriers, Tiger International Inc. and Evergreen Airlines International, expanded operations into Europe and Asia. The incorporation of these air cargo carriers into the fleet, along with their service base and market…

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