Management Styles And Operation Models Essay

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This chapter discusses that different forms of management styles and operation models and the effect each has throughout the entertainment industry. Chapter 13: Integration of Managing and the Arts addresses the necessity of combining the rigor and structure of management and business whilst allowing freedom creativity to blossom. This chapter does an in-depth analysis of how these management styles affect an art organization 's structure and performance. As well as, what makes a dysfunctional organization and how it is perpetuated by the managers.

Dysfunctional Arts Management
This chapter begins by explaining what makes a dysfunctional manager, which are a byproduct of an organization with a culture that thrives on disorder as the operating standard. The author goes into detail about how these managers do not perform their jobs as expect and typically allow their emotions and emotional problems to affect their day-to-day performance. With a dysfunctional personality allowed to take control of a management team the organization as a whole suffers entirely. As these flaws become more pronounced the workplace becomes psychologically dysfunctional, leading to problems with the staff as a whole
An organization is only as good as the people it employs, and the management process of an organization tends to reflect the personality of the manager. It details how a buildup of problems of an organization can create an overextended staff which can produce an overextended manager.…

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