Management Problems in Health Care Essay

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Management problems in Healthcare There are many management problems in Health care. There are management problems in every organization, but health care sometimes have the biggest management problems of them all, because they are dealing with people lives. One of the problems a health care facility can come across is finance. If the patients have no way paying for their treatments than the facility would have to close their doors because they would have no way of paying their employees to keep their doors open to serve their patients. For many patients trying to get good health care from a provider and good health care insurance is very difficult because they do not understand all of the policies. In these hard times …show more content…
When the politicians saw how much the managing of health care was getting out of hand, so they decided to step in. In the mid1990’s when the government stepped in gave the consumers more flexibility to choose their healthcare providers to help solve the problem. Just like every state has different laws, the same was applied to healthcare in every state. Every state had different regulations on the managed care organizations, and according to Gray, Virginia; Lowery, David; Godwin and Erik K this also included “the establishment of new rights for consumers and the application of new limitations on providers.”

The quickest solution is to focus on standard-setting and the problem. In the pass and until now health care organizations are working trying to contain and maintain their costs. There are only a few costs that they can contain. State regulations monitor and control how many certain types of staff must be on hand for certain medical procedures. Worldwide health care organizations are facing problems on a daily basic. Motivation is one of many management problems in health care

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