Essay on Man 's Search For Meaning

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Man’s Search For Meaning is an insightful look into the answer to the question: What is the meaning of life? Viktor E. Frankl tells of his time in four concentration camps during World War Two, and of the horrifying deeds man shows himself capable of. He argues that man will find meaning in life through finding meaning in his suffering. He provides a how to his theory, with his description of logotherapy, his personal doctrine of psychotherapy. Logotherapy is a means of changing one’s attitude towards a situation to find meaning, rather than suffer with a lack of meaning. Life is dependent on purpose and meaning, otherwise man would suffer unreasonably. The meaning of life is ever changing and does not have one specific answer, but rather several meanings over the course of one’s lifetime. By finding meaning in suffering, and love, and using logotherapy to provide oneself with purpose, a concrete meaning to one’s life can be reached.
The first way to find a meaning to life is to find meaning in suffering, as Dr. Frankl postulates in his book. Suffering is viewed negatively and with pity, as if the sufferers expect sympathy, but this is not the case. Sufferers who find meaning in their suffering are quite content, despite their pain. Sufferers, however, who can find no meaning or purpose in their suffering ask themselves the question: Is this really all worth it? This question can only be answered once one has found meaning in the suffering. Frankl states, “In some way,…

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