Man Can Be Sustained By Faith Essay

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Man can be sustained by faith in God and prayer alone. This is a profound statement that is reverberated throughout the Bible. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5:7 that, “We live by faith, not by sight.” George Müller adopted this principle and made an incredible impact on the lives of thousands of orphans in England and millions of people across the world. He devoted his life to the will of God and relied solely on prayer and faith for the sustainment of his family and the orphans under his care. The life of George Müller is a testament to the power of prayer and faith in Christ and an example for all Christians to follow.

The Early Life and Transformation Müller was born September 27, 1805 in Kroppenstaedt, Prussia to a tax-collector. Müller’s father wanted George to become a clergyman so that he would be able to support him when he became an old man. Müller’s father ensured he was well educated to obtain this goal and sent him to the Cathedral Classical School at Halberstadt. However, George was not always the faithful Christian. He, like many other Christians, were educated in the Gospel but never truly committed their lives to Him. For the next fourteen years, Müller stole tax funds from his father, took expensive vacations without paying, and, inevitably, spent 24 days in jail for theft. Despite all of Müller’s biblical education in previous years, it was not until mid-November, 1825 did Müller commit his life to Christ after attending a home worship service…

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