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All the positions and their roles and responsibilities are well defined and much controlled as in a closed bureaucratic organization.

The biggest breakthrough came in human relationships. The Behavioral Management theory took one step further addressing the human needs of the employees and view them as valuable asset to be developed over time. The managers started making extra efforts to interact with their subordinates to understand their needs and to find out what makes them motivated, excited and committed. Under this theory, managers are focused on the human behavior, to care about the employee’s sentiments, to be nice to them and to treat them with consideration. Today, all the organizations have dedicated human resource department that looks over the welfare of the employees. They address issues such as safer work environment, continued education, career advancement, health and retirement. My company realized my needs and my desire for advancement, and therefore decided to assist me with returning back to school to finish my undergraduate study and start my MBA.

Next came the Quantitative Management theory that emphasizes mathematical approaches to management problems. Under the Management science, mathematical models based on measurable well defined variables provide managers quantitative basis to make sound decisions. Relying on today’s powerful computer systems (Management Information System – MIS), managers are able to get up-to-date information and use
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