Mammography Process Conclusion

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- it is a question why some women refuse to accept invitation for breast cancer screening
Global incidence - cancer as a second most common type of cancer -high rate of breast cancer in high income countries Breast compression - why is necessary, mammography process explanation Risk factors – age - cancer increases with age and why -genetic factor-breast cancer in the family
Advantages of breast cancer screening - effective method, non-invasive
Breast screening=early detection= early treatment=advantage

‘Mammography is nothing to be afraid of ‘
Yes or No are the questions of many women when it comes to
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It is a special x-ray for breast examination which allows findings many cases of disease at an early stage. The screening test is currently very efficient method of prevention. It is offered to women from 50 - 70 years old. Mammography is provided by women, an experienced radiographer and last only a few minutes. Although it is quite uncomfortable procedure, there is a significant reason behind breast compression. In order to get the best x-ray picture it is necessary to put a pressure on the breast using comparatively low energy x-rays to obtain good contrast between normal and abnormal breast tissue. It also holds the breast firmly to prevent blurry pictures from any movements. Women in the UK are routinely invited for breast cancer screening every three years (The Open University, 2015b). Those with high risk of developing the disease should consider the test very wisely.
The biggest risk factor for women breast cancer is the age.’ About 80% of new breast cancer cases are diagnosed in women over 50 years of age (The Open University, 2015c).’ The disease incidence in young age is very rare and the risk increases with age. As we get older there are more opportunities for our body cells to cause genetic damage through the process of natural division. Therefore, the longer we life, the bigger problem our body has, as it might struggle with repairing of genetic damage. Also longer exposure’ to harmful environmental
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Mammography is suggested as a very sensitive method, able to detect the majority of breast abnormalities, masses or even the 0.5mm microcalcifications, the small calcium deposits. In the matter of fact, screening can detect lumps long time ago then it would be found by self-examination or by a doctor. ‘It is estimated that 1300 lives are saved annually as a result of earlier treatment because of breast screening (The Open University, 2015f).’ Researchers also estimated that breast cancer screening reduced mortality by

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