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1. Introduction 1 1.1. About ISO 9000 1 1.2. Purpose of internal quality audit 1 1.3. Report structure 1 2. Audit review 2 2.1. Non-compliances 2 2.1.1. Case study 2 – Service and parts processes 2 2.1.2. Case study 3 – QMS manual 3 2.2. Potential for improvement 4 2.2.1. Case study 2 – Service and parts processes 4 2.2.2. Case study 3 – QMS manual 5 2.3. Good practice 5 2.3.1. Case study 2 – Service and parts processes 5 2.3.2. Case study 3 – QMS manual 6 3. Summary 8 4. Appendix 11

About ISO 9000
ISO 9000 is a family of international standards related to quality management systems (QMS) that facilitates mutual understanding across domestic and international trade. The
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The internal audit report was carried out by QAS Ltd. in January 2006.

Report structure
After introducing the ISO 9000 fundamentals and the purpose of the internal audit, section 2 gives a detailed review of non-compliances, potentials for improvement and good practices found in the case studies. Section 3 summarises and critically analyses the findings in terms of the effective implementation and maintenance of the QMS and finally proposes actions for future improvement.

Audit review
This section firstly reviews the in the case studies found non-compliances, then looks at the areas where potential for improvement could be identified and lastly details the good practices. Each part is subdivided into the single cases to provide a clear structure. A complete list of all findings arranged by the reference (e.g. HV1) can be found in the appendix.

Number of non-compliances found

Case study 2 – Service and parts processes HV1 | As the outsourced tachograph calibration process directly affects product conformity to requirements, the organisation needs to ensure its control over these processes (4.1). Further, has the interaction between the processes of the quality management system to be described (4.2.2.c). Since the calibration process is outsourced to an approved contractor it can be excluded from the quality manual if sufficient details and a justification is provided

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