Malvolio Act 1 Scene 5

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The scene begins when Sir Toby and Sir Andrew stay up late drinking in Olivia’s house. The clown appears and Sir Andrew compliments the clown on his singing. Both Sir Andrew and Sir Toby encourage the clown to sing another song. Soon after Maria enters warning them to keep their voices down because if they didn’t Olivia will send Malvolio to kick them out. But they didn’t care they sang cheerfully anyway. Malvolio soon came in and criticized the men for being drunk all night. He warned Sir Toby that his behaviour is rude, and also said Olivia is willing to let him be her guest only if Sir Toby changes his behavior. They respond by making jokes and insulting Malvolio. After making one final threat towards Maria, Malvolio leaves warning all of them that he will let Olivia know about what was going on. After Malvolio left, Sir Andrew suggested challenging Malvolio to a duel, but Maria had a better idea and that was to play a prank on him. As she explains to Sir Toby and Sir Andrew, she mentioned how Malvolio’s biggest weakness was his enormous ego; he believed that everybody …show more content…
While Malvolio was discussing what Olivia had said he mentioned that he should never come back to the manner on the Dukes behalf and how he should come back to tell her how he reacted to the news. When Malvolio was returning the ring, Cesario refused to accept it. He said “She took the ring of me. I’ll none of it.” (2.2.10) Malvolio responded by saying he rudely threw the ring at Olivia and she didn’t want to accept it. Cesario realizes Olivia’s deception and played along with it pretending that she gave the ring to Olivia. Malvolio throws the ring onto the ground and left. After he left Viola picks up the ring and wonders why Olivia gave it back. She just thought it meant that Olivia has fallen in love with Cesario. Viola then realizes that she unknowingly fallen in love with another

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